2004 Nissan Altima – Engine and Engine Cooling problem – In vehicles with 2.5L Engine, if a variation in temp happens because of the location of the sensor in the engine, under some driving circumstances the change in temperature can be great enough to create a brief interuption in the signal output. If the signal interruption is too brief and the ECM (Electronic Control Module) does not have time to diagnose the problem, the engine may stop running without any warning increasing the risk of a crash. Please call your Nissan dealership immediately and schedule an appointment.

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Chrysler and Nissan said they were not going to continue with plans to build vehicles together. Nissan was going to help Chrysler with smaller vehicles and Chrysler was going to help Nissan with larger vehicles.

Chrysler now has Fiat to help them with smaller vehicles and now plans to sell Fiat models through its U.S. dealerships. The models being discussed are the Fiat 500 minicar, which is scheduled to be assembled in Mexico and a larger compact the might be built at a Chrysler factory in the Midwest.

A different agreement between Chrysler and Nissan, since 2004, where an affiliate of Nissan builds transmissions for Chrysler will continue.

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“Cash for Clunkers” is finally came to a close and the figures are in. Almost 700,000 auto sales and car dealerships have submitted documents requesting $2.877 billion in rebates by the deadline. It was originally scheduled to run through November 1, 2009.

The Transportation department announced that the Ford Explorer was the most traded clunker and the Toyota Corolla was the most purchased vehicle. The following are lists of the top 10 purchased and traded in vehicles.

The Top 10 New Vehicles Purchased

1. Toyota Corolla
2. Honda Civic
3. Toyota Camry
4. Ford Focus
5. Hyundai Elantra
6. Nissan Versa
7. Toyota Prius
8. Honda Accord
9. Honda Fit
10. Ford Escape FWD

Top 10 Traded Vehicles

1. Ford Explorer 4WD
2. Ford F150 Pickup 2WD
3. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD
4. Ford Explorer 2WD
5. Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan 2WD
6. Jeep Cherokee
7. Chevrolet Blazer 4WD
8. Chevrolet C1500 Pickup 2WD
9. Ford F150 Pickup 4WD
10. Ford Windstar FWD Van

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Toyota, considered the greenest of automakers, is falling behind in the race to go electric.
Mitsubishi started leasing its all electric vehicle in June. Next year Nissan is set to release the Leaf (its electric car). Toyota has said they will not introduce their electric car until 2012. Toyota does plan to introduce a plug in electric gasoline hybrid later this year.

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Cars and light truck sales were up for the month of July. The Cash for Clunkers Program is credited with giving auto makers a boost. The White House has guaranteed the program through Friday, but the continuation of the program depends on the Senate vote.

General Motors sold 187,582 vehicles, Toyota sold 174,872 vehicles, Ford sold 158,354 vehicles, Honda 114,690 vehicles, Chrysler 88,900 vehicles, Nissan 71,847 vehicles, Hyundai 45,553 vehicles, Kia 29,345 vehicles, Subaru 21,839 vehicles, and Volkswagen 20,590 vehicles.

The difference from auto sales in July, 2008 are: Subaru up 34.2%, Hyundai up 11.9%, Kia up 4.7%, Ford up 1.6%, Volkswagen up 0.7%, Chrysler down 9.4%, Toyota down 11.4%, Honda down 17.3%, GM down 18.9%, and Nissan down 24.6%.

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Nissan finally unveiled its new electric car, the “Leaf”. Nissan and Renault plan to mass market the vehicle. Both companies believe that the pure electric car is the vehicle of the future. Nissan has said that the vehicle should be available, in the states, the latter half of next year.

Nissan is returning to Yokohama, the city where it started in 1933, after having spent the past 41 years in Tokyo. They believe this to be a new chapter for their company.

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Hybrid cars today are typically a combination of gasoline and a battery powered engine. The following is a list of some of the current hybrid cars plus some that will become available in 2010 and 2011.

Currently available Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Lexus HS 250h, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Lexus RX 450h, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Lexus RX 400h, Lexus GS 450h, Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid, Lexus LS 600h L, GMC Sierra Hybrid, GMC Yukon Hybrid, Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, Chrysler Aspen Hybrid, and Dodge Durango Hybrid.

Those that will become available in 2010 or 2011 are Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid, Honda Global Subcompact Hybrid, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Saturn Vue Green Line Two Mode, Hyundai Accent Hybrid, BMW X6 Hybrid, Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid, Honda Fit Hybrid, Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid, Dodge Ram Hybrid, Honda CR-Z, Volkswagen and Touareg Hybrid.

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While sales in June fell by 33% for General Motors, and 42% for Chrysler, Ford Motor Company announced that its sales were only down 11% from June, 2008. Ford also outsold Toyota and is regaining market share for the third consecutive month, and is discounting its vehicles less than General Motors and Chrysler. Ford also stated that slow demand in the West and Southwest where the housing market has taken the worst beating, has dragged down the company’s overall sales, while sales in more than half of the remaining states were on a par or slightly greater than last year’s. Further adding to General Motors and Chrysler’s woes were that plant closings sharply reduced sales to car rental companies and other business customers. On the bright side, however, their bankruptcies have not deterred sales to consumers as much as was expected

Asian automakers have also felt the impact of the economic slowdown with declines in sales of 32% for Toyota and 23% for Nissan. Overall automotive sales in the United States fell by 28% compared to June 2008, which though still a decline is the smallest decline since September of last year. Average annual sales throughout the United States for the last decade were about 17 million units but took a nosedive starting the second half of 2008. Thus far in 2009 slightly under 5 million vehicles have been sold, a decrease of approximately 37%.

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